Icons in Coach

The Coach allows you to see main information about your bank accounts in a sec. Coach's notifications inform you of the state of the accounts right now with icons.

Note: An account that does not evolve will not get a notification in the Coach. In case you have set alerts on each and every of your accounts (even if there is no change) the variation icon will not be present.

Transaction notification threshold icon

This is a transaction notification. The bleu tag shows the threshold set up in the app (greater than 120€ in this case) and from when you get notified.

Overdraft icon

The icon with an exclamation mark is an overdraft alert. By default, this alert pops up when your accounts' balance is under 0€. If your bank is available for transfers in Bankin', you can directly make a transfer from the Coach feature. 

Variation icon

The variation icon gives you the exact amount your account has changed since you last viewed a notification on that account.

In the example, the account has evolved upwards of 160 € since the last notification seen regarding this account.

In this case, the balance is in orange because it has reached the "critical" threshold defined in the settings. This is a "warning".

In the example, the account has goes down by 245 € since the last notification seen regarding this account.

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