Categories are one of Bankin's main features.🌟

When a transaction is synced to Bankin', it's automatically sorted with other operations of the same category. 

Example: Your supermarket purchases 🍎 are categorized under 'Food & Restaurants'. 

NB: Remember to select the accounts you want to follow by clicking on the small list at the top of Categories tab.

Revenues view contains: 

➡️ Total of incomes (salary, refund, savings)
➡️ Transactions organized by their category

Expenses view contains:

➡️ Percentage comparison with overall expenses
➡️ Number of transactions
➡️ Total spent

Uncategorized expenses

Uncategorized expenses are transactions that we don't know (yet) how to organize.

You can manually sort these transactions so next time, similar transactions will be automatically organized. 

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