Business Expenses

NB: This feature is only accessible for Premium members and only exists on the app.

Bankin’ keeps your business expenses in one place in order for you to save time.

  1. Create and edit business expenses
  2. Check business expenses from month to month
  3. Export your business expenses (and give it to the accountant)
  4. Categorize your business expenses

Create a business expense

  1. Go to Menu > Business Expenses
  2. Click on the + top right and take a photo of the note
  3. Click on the picture and fill in/modify every field correctly (category, date, amount, VAT)
  4. Associate the note to a transaction

NB: All information is normally filled in automatically with the photo.

Export business expenses

You can export your data on a custom period or on monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

  1. Go to Menu > Export my data
  2. Select custom dates by clicking on the arrow next to the month
  3. Click Export > Export

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