Search feature

NB: The Search feature is only available on the app and it’s accessible from the search bar at the top of the Accounts tab.

While bank history is a rolling period, Bankin' allows you to view all your transactions over an unlimited period.

This feature makes possible to combine operations of the same type (UBER, British Airways etc.) or that are part of the same project (trip, family weekend, etc ...) If you wish to gather transactions from different categories into one project, you must add a note into every transaction.

Example: You’re going on a family trip next week in Mexico. Add #Mexico to every transaction linked to the trip (cab, plane ticket, food, leisures) than type in ‘Mexico’ in the search bar when you come back home: you will find every expense done during the trip and the exact amount you spent.

You can sort searches by:

  1. Title (Carrefour, UBER)
  2. Amount
  3. Annotation (words, signs, numbers and emojis)
  4. > / < + an amount

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