Add a professional bank account

Bankin' helps you to manage professional et personal accounts within the app. To manage your professional account, you must subscribe to Bankin' Pro subscription. This subscription has been designed for users with business accounts (or accounts classified as professional by the bank). It allows:

  1. Consulting and managing your personal and professional accounts
  2. Creating categories and subcategories
  3. Exporting data from custom dates
  4. Managing and exporting business expenses
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You can try Bankin' Plus/Pro for 7 days if you wish. The trial is available from the application settings and it’s totally free.

Here's how to add one (or more) professional accounts:

  • From an Android & iOS device
  1. Go to the bottom of the Accounts page then click on Add an account
  2. Select the bank you want to add in the list
  3. Enter your credentials (ID + password)
  4. Click on Synchronize
  • From the web interface (in FR)
  1. Log in to your Bankin’ account here
  2. Click on Ajouter une banque
  3. Select the bank you want to add in the list
  4. Enter your credentials (ID + password)
  5. Click on Valider

Bankin’ will then be able to retrieve automatically the history associated to your accounts.

NB: For a few banks, you will be asked to enter other passwords such as passcode, SecureKey or memorable word. If you need help or have any questions, please write us on Facebook, Twitter or to

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