Safety and Security

What is Bankin' application?

Pursuant to article 4 of the Payment Services Directive, the Bankin' Service is an "account information service" which "provides consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by the payment service user with another payment service provider or with more than one payment service provider"

Bankin’ is accordingly a recognised "account information service provider" as this term is defined in the European directive 2015/2366 of November 25th 2015 on payment services (hereinafter, the Payment Services Directive).

In addition, Bankin' is a founder member of the France Fintech association, which was created in June 2015 to represent companies using innovative operational, technological or economic models with the aim of addressing existing or emerging problems within the financial services industry, and of a group representing European bank aggregators (European Account Information Services).

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Why do I need to fill in my credentials in Bankin'?

Your credentials allow Bankin' to synchronize your data in real time with your banks. Kindly note that they are highly encrypted and so it’s super safe. Besides, strong authentication is required for any sensitive operation.

Bankin’ is highly secured. How?

The users data safety is the absolute priority of Bankin'. In order to guarantee a very high level of services security, Bankin' uses encryption algorithms according to the highest standards in terms of computer security, authentication, integrity and confidentiality.

Bankin' also uses Amazon Web Services' highly secure Data Centers located in Europe. Amazon Web Services is the global leader in data storage and secures infrastructure, processes and technologies for millions of businesses around the world, including banks. 

Audits are regularly carried out by independent companies specialized in computer security, mandated by banks and financial institutions.It’s therefore in full compliance with the provisions of the Directive on Payment Services (especially the 67-2°-b article) that Bankin' services are provided to users. 

Am I going against the TOS of banks by using Bankin’?

The European Directive No. 2015/2366 of November 25th 2015 on Payment Services governs bank aggregators in Europe and their relationships with banks. More information  here.

The access to the application is highly secure. How?

The connection to Bankin' is done through the creation of a strictly personal Bankin' user space, requiring a valid email address and a password. The use of sentences as a password is strongly recommended - easier to remember and very effective.

Locking the application using a PIN code or fingerprint from the application settings is possible and strongly advised.

Also, no credentials are visible within the application. You securely enter this information once when you add your bank(s).

Is the data permanently deleted when deleting a Bankin' account?

Yes. All your data is permanently deleted from our systems. We do not even keep your email address.

Is the Beta version as secure as the classic version of Bankin'?

The security level of the Beta version is just as high as the released version of the application. It may however contain bugs that will be resolved before the release of the official version.

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